Rabitos Royale Milk Chocolate Covered Fig (15 Pieces / 265g)

  • $32.99

Indulge in the sublime fusion of flavors with Rabitos Royale’s Milk Chocolate Collection. Crafted with artisanal expertise, these delicacies feature uniquely small-sized, sun-dried Spanish figs filled with a creamy milk chocolate truffle infused with sea salt & caramel. Each fig is then enrobed in luscious milk chocolate, creating a harmonious taste experience. Packaged in an elegant 15 piece gift box and individually wrapped, these gourmet treats are perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment. Elevate your culinary journey and explore the richness of Spanish craftsmanship with Rabitos Royale's Milk Chocolate series.

15 Pieces / 265 gr

Made In Spain 

Milk Chocolate Covered Dried Spanish Fig

Filled with Milk Chocolate Truffle Infused With Sea Salt Caramel

Elegant Gift Box

Individually Wrapped