Marini Savoiardi Lady Fingers (200g / 7.05oz)

  • $12.99

Discover the Charm of Marini Lady Fingers:

Authentic Italian Recipe

Immerse yourself in the genuine taste of Italy. Our lady fingers are made using traditional techniques to ensure an authentic flavor and texture that transports you straight to the heart of Italian culinary heritage.

Versatile Dessert Essential

From the iconic Tiramisu to a simple yet elegant accompaniment for your coffee or tea, Marini Lady Fingers are the versatile addition to your pantry. Their delicate sweetness and light texture make them perfect for a variety of dessert creations.

Premium Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients to craft our lady fingers, free from artificial flavors and preservatives. Each bite offers a natural and delightful taste that elevates any dessert.

Light and Crisp Texture

Our lady fingers are expertly baked to achieve the perfect balance of crunch and softness. They melt in your mouth, enhancing your dessert experience with their delicate and refined texture.

200g Pack

Our 200g pack provides ample biscuits for multiple dessert creations or for enjoying as a light snack. Each pack is sealed for freshness, ensuring you always enjoy the best taste and texture.