Rabitos Royale - 30 Pieces - Individually Hand Wrapped Dark Chocolate Figs

  • $44.99

Discover the ultimate gourmet delight with Rabitos Royale's artisan-crafted, dark chocolate-covered dried figs, stuffed with luxurious dark chocolate truffle and infused with a touch of brandy. These small-sized Spanish figs, distinctively concentrated in flavor, are handpicked and sun-dried to perfection. This culinary masterpiece is ideal for gifting or personal indulgence. Elevate your gourmet snacking experience and savor the rich culinary traditions of Spain with Rabitos Royale. Order now for a journey through unparalleled flavor and texture.

30 Pieces / 530 gr

Made In Spain 

Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Spanish Fig

Filled with Dark Chocolate Truffle Infused With Brandy

Individually Wrapped