Rabitos Royale Ruby Chocolate Covered Fig (8 Pieces / 142g)

  • $19.99

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Rabitos Royale Ruby Chocolate Covered Fig infused with Marc De Cava flavor, an artisan-crafted delicacy that elevates your gourmet snacking experience. Each small-sized Spanish fig is handpicked and sun-dried to perfection, then generously coated in luxurious ruby chocolate. Inside, the fig is stuffed with a decadent white chocolate truffle infused with the sophisticated and refreshing notes of Marc De Cava, a fine Spanish sparkling wine. Presented in an elegant 142g gift box, this culinary masterpiece contains 8 Pieces, each individually wrapped to preserve its freshness and ensure a luxurious tasting experience. Whether as an indulgent treat for yourself or an exquisite gift for someone special, the Rabitos Royale Ruby Chocolate Covered Fig promises an unparalleled journey through flavor and texture

8 Pieces / 142 gr

Made In Spain 

Ruby Chocolate Covered Dried Spanish Fig

Filled with White Chocolate Truffle Infused With Marc De Cava

Elegant Gift Box

Individually Hand Wrapped